There are a few different types of bail bonds, cash bond, surety bond, and property bond. Today we will be going in depth about a surety bail bond. So what is a surety bond? A surety bond is your typical bail bond. We will tell you the process of a surety bail bond along with the pros and cons to ensure that you know if this type of bail bond is right for you. From paying, to court dates, to release, a surety bond is typically an easy process that makes sure someone is responsible for the defendant.

A surety bail bond is created to ensure that someone is responsible for the defendant, making sure they go to their court date. If you use a bail bonds service to bail a loved one out of jail, they would be the surety. The agreement is backed by an insurance company and is between a defendant and a bail agent. Since the bail bonds agent is responsible for making sure the defendant appears in court, the company will usually require a visual or verbal ‘check-in’ from the defendant once a week until their court date. They also may stop by their home or job to ensure that they have not fled.

The bail bonds company will set you your bail when you pay 10% of the bond, to ensure that your loved one gets out of jail. The bail bond company is responsible for the defendant until the duration of the case. When the defendant shows up for court, the bail bonds agency will get their money back. The bail bond is in effect for the duration of the case, until the defendant is either convicted, or released. If the defendant does not show up for court, the bail bonds company will have to pay the rest of the bail amount.

When a bail bond agent acts as the surety, it is typical that they collect a non-refundable premium for writing the bond. The premium is paid for by the defendant and anyone who co-signs the bond. This is to ensure that they are financially responsible for themselves and the bail bonds agent’s time. If the defendant does not appear in court, the court refers to the bail bonds agent and they have to pay the rest of the bond. Not appearing in court can also cause an arrest warrant to be issued for the defendant and possibly have the advantage of bail taken away.

A surety bond is the typical way to go about bailing a loved one out of jail. However, it is extremely important that the defendant show up for all their court dates and check in with the bail bonds company per their rules. Neither the company, nor you, want to be held responsible for the defendant if they do not show up. Make sure who you are bailing out is trustworthy and will be responsible during the duration of their case. If you have any questions or need to bail someone out of jail, give us a call and we can help.