Being ‘out on bail’ is a common phrase used to describe someone who is no longer in jail because their bail has been paid. So what does it mean to be out on bail? It means that there are rules that need to be followed, court dates that need to be attended, and money that needs to be paid back. The bail process is a long one that some may find confusing, so we are going to explain everything you need to know to understand what it takes to be out on bail.

When a defendant gets booked in jail and a bail amount set, their loved ones can call a bail bonds agency to bail them out. This will require at least 10% of the bail amount to be paid, and may require a certain amount of co-signers to ensure the amount is paid. After the 10% is paid, the bail bonds agency will contact the jail or court where the defendant is being held, and will get them released. After the defendant is released, there are certain requirements they need to complete in order to stay out of jail.

The defendant will need to check in with the bail bonds agency frequently to ensure they have not left the area. The defendant will need to attend every court date that is set for their case. This is extremely important because if they do not show up, the judge will often put out a warrant for their arrest and remove the privilege of bail. This means that the defendant will have no chance of getting out of jail until the end of their case in court. The defendant and their loved ones will also need to set up a payment plan to pay back the bail bonds agency for the money they put up to get the defendant out of jail.

Being out on bail is a great way to get with a good lawyer, if needed, to discuss your case and prepare for court. While this process is manageable in jail, it is a lot easier when you are able to contact and meet with your lawyer on a regular basis. Being out on bail also gives you the chance to prove that you are responsible by showing up for your court dates and paying back your bail amount. However, don’t forget that bail is a privilege that can be taken away if you do not follow the rules set by the judge and your bail agency.

Being out on bail is a privilege that is granted to defendants in order for them to remain at home until their court date. If you or a loved one are in a situation where you need to speak with a bail bonds agency, or have any questions in general, give us a call or fill out our contact form. We are open 24/7 and are happy to help you and your family find some peace in this difficult situation.