When someone is arrested, or detained, there is a flurry of emotions that run through their head. Feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, and sadness or remorse. When we work with a client, our number one goal is to help bring them a sense of peace by giving them honest facts about their circumstances. We do our best to find them the best route to getting out on bail. To better help our clients and answer the questions of people looking to purchase a bail bond, we would like to provide some insight as to how the process works and what a potential client needs.

Who? The first thing we need to know is the name of the person trying to get out on bail. We also need the booking number of the person. If the individual calling us does not know the booking number, then often we can track it down and help them find it.
Where? The second thing we need to know before we can do anything is know where the detainee is located. We need to know which county, and/or city, he or she is in so we can contact the jail and communicate with that person to gain additional information.

What? The price of a bail bond varies depending on the schedule and crime. The average cost of bail is about $10,000 to $50,000. Also, bond collateral isn’t always needed.

Why? A bail bond is a promise to appear in court. It is not a “Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free” card. The reason to buy a bail bond is completely optional. Most people purchase a bail bond to release a friend or family member until their court date. Otherwise, they would be detained until their court date with the possibility of visitors.

How? Martinez Family Bail Bonds, as well as other bail bonds companies, can get just about any individual a bail bond. But the difference between Martinez Family Bail Bonds and the other bigger companies, is that since we are family owned we can bypass more of the red tape and get a quicker release time. Often, there are a vast variety of regulations put in place by the companies and different departments that need to communicate to each. Since we service the central valley, there is no need for that.

This is probably one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Which is why us being here to help make it a little easier. We hope these five simple descriptions help give a little more clarity to the process. If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to assist. Give us a call at 877-504-8688 or fill out our web form below!